WhatsRemote – best way to use whatsapp from desktop / web browser

WhatsApp has replaced texting for most of us and has become the default messaging app. Keeping it simple is the DNA of WhatsApp and they clearly decline adding new features if they think it complicates the way WhatsApp works. And hence even though there’s a huge demand from people to release a desktop client for […]

Review: BigBasket.com – The Online Grocery Store

I convinced my mom to shop for grocery online this month. Though she was very sceptical because of previous bad experiences in online shopping in general. I made her sit aside me and hit bigbasket.com. I started adding items one after the other as she went on reading out her list. It took about an […]

Can I make GSM phone calls using Nexus 7 3G model?

Short Answer: No Long Answer: Google’s recently introduced new model of Nexus 7 which supports 3G, which means it has got SIM card slot. But no where including “The Verge’s” long review there’s mention of possibility of voice calls. May be it was considered “obvious” to not to support since the device name says “Wireless […]

Google updates its Indian nexus page with Nexus 4/7/10!

Google’s Indian nexus page google.co.in/nexus till day before yesterday (that’s when I checked it last time) was showing Galaxy Nexus as “Coming Soon”. But today it’s been updated with standard nexus page featuring Nexus 4, 7 & 10. But clicking on “Shop Now” goes to US Play Store which is blocked to view from India! […]

Dear Airtel, there’s something called “targeted marketing”

Marketing over last few years has changed drastically making it more relative to the user. Google ads, Facebook ads to Restaurant suggestions  works depending on your tastes & interests. With amount of data given to advertisers, companies are fully equipped with tools to target the right audience minimizing cost per acquisition rates. The more the ads are […]

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV Experience

I was one of the bloggers who were invited to experience LG’s new Cinema 3D Smart TVs. LG has done massive improvements to keep the lead in 3D TV market share. I’m going write about some of the interesting features I came across in this hands on. What first caught my eyes was design with […]

Insanely brilliant Sanebox to fight email overload!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest….and a lot other amazing services we signup & end up receiving unmanageable amount of emails everyday. I have more than a dozen of filters on my gmail to make all these mails skip inbox and sit in a label. But again, I signup to new services almost everyday and creating filters has become a routine. […]

Backup your Facebook tagged photos automatically to Dropbox!

We have complete control of photos which we upload on Facebook. But not on photos which are uploaded/tagged by others. Your friend may choose to delete your photo anytime without your knowledge. It is a good idea to have your own backup of photos of yours which are tagged by others. We will achieve our desired task […]