Airtel violates net neutrality again with “Infinity Plans” on 4G

Airtel today announced “Infinity Plans” for 4G which are semi-unlimited plans. Basically one will get unlimited data for the services of Airtel’s choice, like Wynk Music, Wynk Movies etc & rest will be counted against limited data as per plan. Wynk Movies is a new service which got launched today with content from Eros Now, Hooq, […]

Missed OnePlus Cardboard sale? Try DesiCardboard!

If you are one of those who missed out on OnePlus Cardboard sale which only costed us Rs.139 (99 + 40 for shipping), you might want to checkout DesiCardboard. DesiCardboard is an Indian company which is mass producing Google Cardboard based Cardboards. The pricing is very similar to that of OnePlus’s, though OnePlus said they […]

Ogle is open for pre-orders, grab it before it runs out!

Ogle, an Indian startup which intends to become India’s Netflix has opened pre-orders. Pre-order is open until 8th August and those who pre-order will be able to enjoy the services at a discounted price. Having tried Ogle previously in beta, it is the only service which has great catalogue when it comes to English TV shows. […]

KickStart Cabs – Cab service for people with disabilities and senior citizens

We have Ola, we have Uber, having a cut-throat competition in order to lead the market. And here we have a cab service company who is silently winning hearts of many people with one focus of serving the one in need. Meet KickStart Cabs which focuses on serving elderly and people with disabilities. I came […]

This Chrome Extension for Feedly let’s you read full article of partial feeds

Feedly has been the feed reader of my choice since the time Google sunsetted it’s Reader. Though I enjoy reading on Feedly, it merely becomes a notification platform since 70 to 80% of the my subscribed feeds are partial. This ruins the whole experience since I need to click on every article and go to respective […]

Scripbox – Invest In Mutual Funds With The Help Of Science & Analysis

I recently came across Scripbox when one of my colleagues shared an interesting blog post of theirs. Scripbox is an investing platform which allows one to easily invest in Mutual Funds. Personally, I have been investing in some funds to get some tax advantage (ELSS Funds) through an independent fund manager. For first few investments I […]

WhatsRemote – best way to use whatsapp from desktop / web browser

WhatsApp has replaced texting for most of us and has become the default messaging app. Keeping it simple is the DNA of WhatsApp and they clearly decline adding new features if they think it complicates the way WhatsApp works. And hence even though there’s a huge demand from people to release a desktop client for […]