Amazon’s user survey hints AWS datacenter in India

Amazon sent me (I’m guessing to all AWS users from India) a survey to day afternoon which looked as below:

Dear AWS Customer,

As part of Amazon Web Services ongoing efforts to provide better services and support, we are conducting a short survey to help understand our customers’ needs in India. To learn more about your experiences, preferences, and priorities, we invite you to fill out this short (5-minute) survey to help us understand how to serve you better.

To take the survey, simply click on the link below or cut and paste the link into your browser.

We sincerely appreciate your time and feedback.

Best Regards,

The Amazon Web Services Team

Survey had questions to understand how critical it is to have physically closer datacenter, where our consumer base is mostly located, current datacenter which we are using, which payment method we are comfortable with .. etc. For me it pretty much sounded like they want to understand Indian users better before they open their datacenter here.

It would be a great news for Indian AWS users if Amazon opens it’s datacenter in India since it will give better latency and lot of other flexibilities than existing datacenters.