[Android App] Reporting errant auto rickshaw drivers now even more easier!

Though there are email IDs, phone numbers to report errant auto rickshaw drivers, we end up doing nothing after facing such situation. Number of complaints registered against auto drivers is extremely low. This is may be because of lack of availability of information when needed (Email ID/Phone number…etc).

To address this problem, my friend Saurabh Minni has created an android application which simplifies reporting errant auto driver. This application makes it easy to compose email to RTO regarding errant auto driver. Application provides fields to enter auto number, to/fro information and simple check box to select the issue you faced. Going one step ahead, application also allows you to take a picture of number plate!! Once done application generates an email in your favorite email application on android phone and all you have to do is hit “Send”!!

Download this application from Android market: