Can I make GSM phone calls using Nexus 7 3G model?

Short Answer: No

Long Answer:

Google’s recently introduced new model of Nexus 7 which supports 3G, which means it has got SIM card slot. But no where including “The Verge’s” long review there’s mention of possibility of voice calls. May be it was considered “obvious” to not to support since the device name says “Wireless + Mobile data”.  But anyone with little technology background would wonder why it’s not possible since the device has sim card slot & a microphone!

I started digging doing searches on Google to find out if there’s any light on this topic & ended up no where! So I opted to ask my social media friends (Twitter & Facebook) and @Shivaranjan pointed out to me this dev thread on XDA.  I went through this thread and as of time of writing this post there’s no solution. But the devs are making great progress on this. I will update this post as and when there’s an update about this. You can also follow XDA dev thread directly.