Finally a trick for free GPRS on Airtel Live!!

Probably this is the most asked question in Tech Bangalore comment section, “Is there any trick for free GPRS?”. I had no answer before, but got one now. My fellow blogger Rahul Bansal, who recently became full time blogger has revealed this trick on his blog Devil’s Workshop. The trick works fine for Airtel, just install Tea Shark browser on your phone & done! You need have Airtel Live Free GPRS active on your phone. You can get details here to activate that. Actually Airtel Live free GPRS allows you to browse only Airtel Live wap site & other few affiliate wap sites like Yahoo! mobile. But it was not possible to access other sites like

Airtel might be fixing this issue soon, so enjoy free gprs until then!! More details about this is posted on Devil’s Workshop. You can get the Tea Shark browser at