Future Tech: Call, SMS from your virtual phone on PC!

virtual phone nokia-n70.gif

I am starting Future Tech catogory in Tech Bangalore with this post. It just my view on future technology & future possibilities. So what am talking about here, assume a virtual mobile phone on your PC which you can call , SMS & all basic functions you do with your mobile phone. Ya, I know it’s already there, provided by many companies online to ,make international calls for cheaper rates. But what am talking about is, it should be provided & connected to your current service provider. Say for example, You have Airtel prepaid connection on your actual mobile phone, & Airtel will also provide a desktop application to call, sms…etc. Your desktop client (virtual phone) will be linked with Airtel Prepaid account & you will be charged as per your plan. Options may also be provided for syncing your actual phone with virtual phone for contacts, messages etc.


  1. You can avoid microwave radiations by using virtual phone on PC.
  2. Better call experience, because of using mic & speakers of computer.
  3. Messaging will be much faster with typing on keyboard. Typing on mobile even using t9 dictionary is a hassle.
  4. No need of mobile handset, if you are always online!

This is technically feasible as per my knowledge.