Moving from Blogger to WordPress without losing traffic & page rank

After I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress, my blog was able to get same traffic when it was on Blogger. I thought this might be a ?Best Practice? to move from Blogger to WordPress. This post will be helpful to all people who are thinking about moving from Blogger to WordPress. Let?s go in step by step on what should be done to retain your traffic, search engine index & incoming links:

  1. Register your own domain (which you wanted to be in wordpress) & switch your Blogger to custom domain. Now address of your Blogger blog will be instead of View Instructions to do this. Google will recognize this change very soon & start replacing results with with Also use ?Google Webmaster Tools? & request Google to index your new domain by adding it.
  2. You will not lose any traffic during this switching, because will automatically redirect all visitors to your
  3. In the mean time request other bloggers who are linking to you to update their links with your custom domain.
  4. After search results are completely replaced by your custom domain, its time to move it to WordPress!
  5. In wordpress admin panel go to ?Manage?>Import? & select ?Blogger?, give your username & password for Blogger & import all posts & configure it to
  6. Switch back your Blogger blog to .blogspot domain. Since duplicate content will reduce your page rank, you need to delete your Blogger blog. But I don?t wanted to do that, so at Google web master central I put a removal request for my whole .blogspot blog. This will remove your Blogger blog from Google?s index, but still anyone can access it. (To do this first you need to add to web master central & follow instructions)
  7. At wordpress, customize your ?404 ? Not Found? error page to have a search box, categories (tags in Blogger), Archive to have visitor to browse through your blog. This is necessary because Blogger Permalinks to post are different from wordpress permalinks & visitors from search engines will come to ?404 ? Not Found? page. This happens until Google updates your new wordpress Permalinks. For my blog it started updating in 3 days!
  8. This is time consuming but worth it. As a Blogger I know how hard is to get links from others & indexed by search engines. By following above steps you will never get out of Google?s index & your incoming links will keep linking you.

I had written this post according to my knowledge & experience. Following these steps are at your own risk & I am not responsible if anything goes wrong. If you want help doing any process mentioned above or faced any problem, comment to this post

Note: This post is written by keeping in mind that you are using wordpress 2.2 or above with self hosting & New Blogger which uses Google account to login.