ngpay: Banking Shopping Ticket Booking & do more on your mobile!

From just making phone calls, mobile phones evolved as more advanced gadget which everyone should have. It’s been deviated a lot from it’s primary requirement of just making calls. Have you ever seen any mobile phone advertisement saying you can make calls from this device?! never! Now JiGrahak Mobility Solutions adding great functionality to this magic box to do more!

With ngpay you can tranfer funds from your bank account, book a movie/flight ticket, pay electricity/landline bill, re-charge your mobile…..etc.. all from your existing mobile phone! This requirs an active GPRS connection work. You will have to download & install a small application on your mobile phone from ngpay website, which is available for free. Once registration is done, you can add whichever services you want to use. Ex: If you are a HDFC account holder, after installing application goto Add Serices & add your HDFC account by giving your HDFC account number & iPIN. Now you can view your account summary, transfer funds…etc.

ngpay supports wide range of services, few of the major services supported are HDFC Bank Netbanking, Inox Movies, Fame Cinemas, Make My Trip, BESCOM, MTNL, Tata Indicom, BPL Mobile, Spice Telecom…etc. You can get the full list of services supported at

I personally tested the application on a basic Nokia handset 2626, which worked superbly. I configured my HDFC account on it, checking account balance was a breeze! Though I have not checked all the services, it seems to be working fine as I never got any error message until now which normally happens with Java applications. As this service grows, I guess more & more services will be added enabling people to do almost anything on the go! Though you should have network on your mobile phone ­čśë