Get free cricket alert & astrology everyday on your mobile

Just browsing through my friend Deva’s Blog & found this cool free stuff.

  • To get free cricket alerts send sms START CRI to 9845398453.
  • To stop this alert send sms as STOP CRI to 9845398453
  • To get astrology daily to your mobile send sms START ZODIAC SIGN to 9845398453.Ex: START CANCER.
  • To stop this astrology message, send sms STOP ZODIAC SIGN to 9845398453.

After digging a bit I got to know that this service is provided by MyTodaySMS & not limited to only above things. It also provides Jokes, Health tips, poems, Gandhiji thoughts, Budda thoughts, City Alerts & much much more for free!
Hope you enjoy these free services, as many service providers are charging about 30 rs/month for same service. This works with all service providers.