How non iPad users can take advantage of BSNL 3G iPad micro sim tariff!

BSNL recently announced exclusive tariff for iPad users. Once the SIM gets activated, customer gets 1GB of usage per month for 6 months at no additional cost. All you need to pay is Rs.100 for the SIM card!! Another good thing about BSNL iPad offering is unlimited plan, which isn’t available for normal consumers. BSNL offers two unlimited plans for iPad users, Rs.99 per day & Rs.999 per month. But since it is micro sim, it can be used only with devices with micro sim card slot.

BSNL iPad plans were irresistible for me to just leave, so I did a little research to see if I can make use of this micro sim card. A search on ebay for micro sim adapter brought up many results!! So basically there are adapters available to make micro sim as big as a normal sim card so that it can be used in any device! Be it your phone, datacard etc! Right now it is working fine for me, I’m not sure how long it takes BSNL to detect device and block the connection! Or will they even care about it!?

BSNL 3G iPad tariff

Ebay Result for adapters


This no longer works since BSNL recently changed their iPad tariff and discontinued unlimited plans as per TRAI regulation. Check for more details: