Withdrawing money from ATM? Beware of unknowing transaction errors!

I personally don’t know where is my bank branch located! As every thing carried out through ATMs, through online, I never found a reason to go to branch. Wait! don’t get excited for such a simple life, things are getting complex in ATM transactions.

After getting last months salary, I went to ATM to withdraw some money. I entered 5,200 & ATM gave error as “Unable to Connect”. I thought let’s try somewhere else & went out. But after when I checked my account status, it showed 5,200 less! Further digged to see that it is showing Rs.5,200 being withdrawn by myself!?

I made no mistake & called customer care immediately, but they asked me to give complaint next day as system was down that time. Again I called them next morning & registered my complaint. Customer care told me they will let me know the status of complaint within 9 hours, but they are not. I called them up 2-3 times that week & answer was the issue not yet resolved.

After a week I again called them & I heard something else this time. They told “This is a void transaction & will take 35 days to get your money back”. Aila! 35 days was very big for me, I had lot of commitments with that money. I argued with customer care, but no use.

After two or three days, I saw an article on kannada daily “Vijaya Karnataka” on the same issue. This kind of problems has occurred to lot of other people too.

So, be careful while withdrawing money from ATMs. Few of the points to be taken care:

  • Keep transaction slip with you when void transactions occur, as this is the only proof.
  • Remember your phone banking password (TPIN) to register complaint.
  • Register a complaint immediately after this kind of transaction. If you do not, you may loose your money.
  • Keep complaint number safe for future enquiries.

Finally I got my money back on 36th day :-) . But the way banks handling this situations is very poor. 35 days is a very long & can prove costly for any one.